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A 4 Weeks online course to help you discover the strategies and skills to break free from a stagnant life and create a path to ensured success. 

This transformative course will make you ...


Motivated to pursue your passions and dreams


Better equipped to handle challenges and obstacles


Manage your time and attention with winners' focus


Learn effective strategies and techniques for success


Handle stress and enjoy happiness in your life


More resilient and optimistic in the face of change

uncertain about attaining and sustaining the desired level of success?

  • Are you frustrated with a lack of clarity about your goals and ways to achieve them? 
  • Are you fearful of taking risks that may lead to failure or disappointment? 
  • Are you feeling trapped in a cycle of procrastination and self-doubt, hindering progress and success? 
  • Are you feeling like success is always just out of reach, no matter how much effort is put in? 
  • Are you feeling insecured due to lack of the skills and strategies you need to succeed in the rapidly changing world of the future? 
  • Are you worried about the life-time sustainability of success?

If you answered "yes" to any of these, this workshop is just for you!


4 Weeks Online Course

Day 1 to Day 6:
Wisdom For Ensured Success - 6 On Demand Sessions
Day 7:
Weekend Ceremony - 45 Minutes Live Session

Day 1 to Day 6:
Life Management For Being Productive - 6 On Demand Sessions
Day 7:
Weekend Ceremony - 45 Minutes Live Session

Day 1 to Day 6:
Get Set With Skills For The Future - 6 On Demand Sessions
Day 7:
Weekend Ceremony - 45 Minutes Live Session

Day 1 to Day 7:
Soul-set For An Ongoing Success - 7 On Demand Sessions
Celebration Day:
Graduation Ceremony - 60 Minutes Live Session

Deepak Khanna - Your Mentor

From a Teenage Dream to a Mid-Life Reality: The Journey of an Entrepreneur:

Growing up in a family of employees, I had always dreamt of becoming a businessman in my teenage years. However, after graduation, I found myself working as a government employee at a nationalized bank. While those around me considered my job to be a success, I felt unfulfilled and constantly struggled to make ends meet.

One day, I stumbled upon the "Boiling Frog Theory" in a book, which reignited my desire to pursue my teenage dream of entrepreneurship. I took the leap and left my bank job, despite the ridicule and criticism from my family and friends.

The journey was not easy, as I went through several failed ventures and lost everything, including my health. However, I did not give up. 

I sought mentorship from books and coaches, and used what I learned to create the "Winman's Wisdom". This became my North Star, guiding me on my path to success and happiness.

Today, I am living life on my terms and am on a mission to help one million people design their lives their way using the Winman's Wisdom

Join me on this journey to Uninterrupted Success and Fulfillment!

Unlock The Secrets to an Ongoing Success with WINMAN'S WISDOM

Where Every Formula Leads To Success

Develop purpose aligned with values
Cultivate emotional resilience
Develop skills for the future world of work
Manage your life to be productive
Master social skills for better collaboration
Ensure success in all areas of your life

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6 Reasons Why You Must Enroll:

You often feel trapped in a cycle of unfulfilling jobs and careers

You feel stuck in old habits and patterns of behavior that no longer serve

Your are unclear on how to navigate and thrive in a constantly changing world

You are unable to break free from self-doubt and negative thought patterns

You often feel that your life is on autopilot and lacking a sense of purpose

You are frustrated by a lack of progress and success despite best efforts

Course Fee: 30,000   ₹ 8,889

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What Our Participants Say

“I am lucky to have joined Winman Academy. My life is now one step ahead. Winman's Wisdom made my  WHY strong. Deepak Sir has a very simple and straight way of making you learn what you need the most. Special regards my mentor Deepak Khanna Sir.”

Veena Kothari

"I joined Winman Academy feeling overwhelmed and lost. The real life education and hand-holding of Winman helped me find new dreams and direction.  I can't thank Deepak Sir enough for his guidance. I'm now on the path to achieving my goals and living my best life."

Amarjeet Singh

"The online learning opportunity from Winman Academy is unmatched. They are dedicated to helping people like me reach their full potential. I'm grateful for the guidance and support and recommend Winman Academy for anyone looking for success in life."

Sanjay Agarwal

“My experience with the workshop of Winman Academy is amazing. I attended with my friends and we all are finding a huge difference in our thinking and working. I will definitely remain connected with Winman Academy for more and more learning. Thank you so much Deepak Sir for the valuable insights.”


"Winman Academy has been a true blessing in my life. It has provided me the guidance I needed to achieve my goals. The positive mindset and attitude training was particularly impactful and has changed my life for the better. I highly recommend Winman Academy to anyone looking for personal growth and success orientation."

Pankaj Agarwal

"I was feeling hopeless about my future when Winman Academy helped me find direction and focus. The self-discovery and personal growth modules were particularly insightful. I thank Winman and Deepak Sir for the valuable guidance. Now, finally I know my Goals and I am working for my Dreams."

Chandani Singh

"Winman Academy taught me the tools to maintain my emotional health while pursuing my goals. The support and guidance provided by Deepak Sir has been invaluable.  I've never felt more confident and willing to chase my goals."

Sanjay Singh Patel

"I was struggling to build a strong business. My training at Winman Academy supported me like a Guardian. The techniques and strategies taught have helped me create meaningful action plans. I will say Winman Academy is for anyone looking to build a Huge Success."

Sunil Garg

“At odd times we look for a mentor who may show the right path. I have found similar mentorship in Winman's Wisdom. I went through Life Designing Workshop -  It has given me strength to fight in life. Special thanks to Deepak Sir for his mentorship.”

Sudesh Sharma

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the main focus of this course?

The main focus of this course is to equip participants with orientation, resilience, life management, skills and strategies necessary for an ensured success in life.

2. Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who desires to achieve sustained success in their personal or professional life. It is suitable for individuals who may be feeling stuck, uncertain, or lacking the necessary skills and strategies to move forward and achieve their goals.

3. What will I learn in this course?

You will learn a variety of skills and strategies to help you achieve ongoing success, such as wisdom for success, life management for productivity, future-ready skills, and soul-set for an ongoing success. The idea is to prepare you for an ever successful life.

4. How will this course help me in my personal and professional life?

This course will equip you with the necessary skills, strategies, and mindset to overcome obstacles, manage time and attention, develop social skills, and set yourself up for an ongoing success in both personal and professional spheres. You will learn to prioritize goals, manage stress, and stay motivated, which will help you achieve success and fulfillment in all areas of life.

5. What is the expected time commitment for this course?

This course demands about 90 minutes of daily commitment on weekdays to study on-demand sessions and 45 minutes for live weekend sessions. Along with that, short assignments after each session will need some extra time and effort.

6. Is there any pre-work required for this course?

There is no pre-work required for this workshop, except to have a pen and a notebook ready for notes, and to sit in a quiet area for complete focus. It is recommended that you come with an open mind and a willingness to learn, follow, transform and grow.

7. How long is the course and what is the format?

This is a 4 week course, with weekdays on-demand sessions and weekend live sessions. The sessions consist of a mix of lectures, interactive activities, and Q&A. The program is conducted online, and you will receive all the necessary links and details according to the schedule.

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